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October 2019

First African and second woman to be President of IUIS

27-30 October 2019

Spotlight Talk at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in Addis Ababa


8-9 November 2019

Speaker at the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin

Hi!  I am a pediatrician, scientist, strategist, educator and me thinks…an expert communicator.

 I believe that people are the world’s most powerful resource. My vision is to “Make Malaria History” through vaccination. I also dream of an “Army of African Scientists”. Highly skilled individuals that will tackle Africa’s medical challenges, improving the physical and economic well-being of the continent.  Health is Wealth!


 I love to simplify science, re-packaging it to suit a target audience.

I am a career advisor, mentor and have a global footprint as a motivational speaker.

I hope to inspire African men and women engaged internationally in science and leadership.



My research team is focused on understanding how humans acquire immunity to Plasmodium falciparum malaria, knowledge that we aim to translate into highly effective vaccines.


Malaria is a major public health problem in sub-saharan Africa, leading to over 400,000 deaths each year, predominantly in young children. Reducing the burden caused by this disease is one of the millennium development goals. There is currently no licensed malaria vaccine. However, studies in areas where malaria is frequently experienced have shown that it is possible to acquire immunity. Passive transfer studies in humans showed that antibodies are an important component of acquired immunity.


My work aims to identify the parasite targets of these protective antibodies and understand their mechanisms of action. My research programme has three broad themes

1) vaccine candidate discovery

2) antibody correlates of protection

3) mechanisms of immunity.


I lead the SMART (South-south Malaria Antigen Research ParTnership) network in which partners from African countries share samples and resources from longitudinal cohort studies of malaria. This gives us incredible power for our analyses and ensures that our results are applicable to the broader continent. I am passionate about the training of African scientists to be the future leaders who will find solutions to the continents medical problems, contributing to a healthy and prosperous Africa.




The Vaccine Science Portfolio Advisory Committee comprises eminent scientists and vaccinologists who provide strategic input to the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI)



The IUIS promotes international co-operation, communication and contributes to the advancement of immunology in all its aspects, all around the world.


The award recognizes the efforts of emerging African healthcare leaders who have contributed significant improvements to the health of their home communities.



TED talk: The key to a better malaria vaccine

TED 2018 - The Age Of Amazement,

Vancouver, Canada. April 2018


I enjoy giving presentations and do loads of them, ranging from hard-core science to motivational lectures for students.

I usually speak about my Scientific work, in Education and Careers, at Women in Science events and more broadly about Science and Society.


The big highlight in 2018 was my talk at the TEDGlobal Conference in Vancouver – a meeting that blew my mind. It was such an inspiring and energizing experience creating great visibility for my work and vision.


Two amazing opportunities to speak are still to come in 2019: I am excited and honored to deliver a Spotlight Talk at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in Addis Ababa, and to be among the 20 selected speakers of the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin – according to BBC the conference where “the brightest minds on the planet meet .” I’m really looking forward!


Here is a speaking archive of where I have been speaking in the recent past...

SMART Documentary: the making of KILChipv1.0

Short documentary featuring the innovations of

African Scientists in the quest for new effective

vaccines against malaria. April 2018


2014 Royal Society Pfizer Prize Seminar

Royal Society Pfizer Prize Seminar with Dr Faith Osier
October 2014

SciDevNet: Rolling out malaria vaccine research

across Africa
The Royal Society in London, United Kingdom

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