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About me

Hi!  I am a pediatrician, scientist, strategist, educator and me thinks…an expert communicator.

 I believe that people are the world’s most powerful resource. My vision is to “Make Malaria History” through vaccination. I also dream of an “Army of African Scientists”. Highly skilled individuals that will tackle Africa’s medical challenges, improving the physical and economic well-being of the continent.  Health is Wealth!

I love to simplify science, re-packaging it to suit a target audience. I am a career advisor, mentor and have a global footprint as a motivational speaker.

I hope to inspire African men and women engaged internationally in science and leadership.


Keynote at the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin, Nov. 2019

Make Malaria History


My research programme has three broad themes:

1) vaccine candidate discovery

2) antibody correlates of protection

3) mechanisms of immunity


My research group is spread over two continents, at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kilifi, Kenya & at the Heidelberg University Hospital, in Heidelberg, Germany


Educating Scientists as key of change

  • Training of African and international scientists 

  •  FAIS Legacy Project- building a core of immunologists on the continent

  • Active in International Capacity Building Initiatives: IDeAL, TIBA, WACCBIP

  • Commitment as career advisor and motivational speaker



S.M.A.R.T - South-south Malaria Antigen Research parTnership

  • Leading a Network of African and International scientists

  • Archive of 10,000 serum samples and epidemiological data

Goal: identifying correlates of protection against malaria & training African scientists


SMART Launch_03.png




TED talk: The key to a better malaria vaccine

TED 2018 - The Age Of Amazement,

Vancouver, Canada, April 2018

2014Royal Pfizer Prize Seminar
00:00 / 01:04


2014 Royal Society Pfizer Prize Seminar 

Royal Society Pfizer Prize Seminar with Dr Faith Osier
October 2014

2014SciDevNet: Rolling out malaria vaccine research across Africa
00:00 / 01:04


SciDevNet: Rolling out malaria vaccine research across Africa
The Royal Society in London, United Kingdom, 2014

I speak about: 

- my Scientific Work 

- Education and Careers

- Women in Science

- Science and Society

Here is a speaking archive of where I have been speaking in the recent past.


Breaking The Wall Of Malaria

Falling Walls Conference 2019

Berlin,  Germany, November 2019


Make malaria history through vaccination

NDM Oxford, September 2019


Grand Challenges Spotlight Talk VI

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, October 2019


1000 African immunologists in 10 years

The FAIS Legacy Project

NDM Oxford, September 2019


Humboldt Science Slam

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Annual Meeting 2020


Vaccines give people a chance to realize their dreams

United Nations Global Goals 2020






Scientific Citizenship


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